Friday, January 02, 2009

Slovakia Stuns US At World Junior Tournament

"So, do you like me now?" quipped Janus after spotting Erie GM Sherry Bassin in the mixed zone after Slovakia's 5-3 quarterfinal win.
I liked that Janus is showing some real signs of confidence in a young goalie. Despite not really been exposed to the media hype-machine, due to playing behind a underachieving Otters squad, Janus may now have the eyes of a few pro draft scouts bearing down on him in North Eastern Pennsylvania.
Blowing a three-goal lead and losing to Team Canada on New Year's Eve, as it turns out, wasn't the low moment for the Americans. They were supposed to have an easy time with Slovakia, a team slaughtered by Canada in a pre-tournament game and 8-1 losers to the Russians in the round robin portion of this tournament.
I am really glad to see that the Slovakian hockey programs have arrived on the national scene. Sure, the victory against Team USA is bitter-sweet, but the Americans will enjoy plenty more tournaments in the future.
"It's unreal," said Janus. "It was the best game in my life. I think its one of the biggest moments in Slovakia's history. It's unbelievable."
I hope he meant in Slovakia's sports history and not forgotten about the rich history that the Slovak people have struggled and survived through.

[Via: Toronto Star]
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