Monday, February 23, 2009

Crosby vs. Ovechkin Revisited

Since the Game of the Week shown on NBC Sunday afternoon, some critics and fans are thinking that there might be a changing of the guard among the player elites. Of course, this brought a whole lot of Crosby haters out from under the primordial slime forever poised and ready to launch yet another uncalled for jealous rant. But to rise to the occasion, WXDX and Penguins flagship broadcaster Mark Madden, wrote on his blog page about how to confront Ovie fans and Crosby haters alike.
Mario Lemieux never acted like a jackass. Wayne Gretzky never acted like a jackass. Bobby Orr, Gordie Howe, Bobby Hull...not a punk in the bunch,.....I know a bad person when I see one. Alexander Ovechkin is a bad person. Sure can score, though.
Great point. Ovechkin showed a side of himself this year that proved he has a mean streak, a juvenile sense of humor, and absolutely no respect for other players.

What seems to have gotten under Crosby's skin (something he admitted to reporters today) was the total lack of respect. Respect. A word that Crosby hammered home in his presser comments. I agree. When Crosby was under attack from Ovechkin's teammate and fellow Russian Alex Semin, Crosby simply chose the high road and opted not to fan the flames of jealousy and hate against him.

Sid Crosby is the poster boy for the NHL and because of that, he has to cope with overexposure. Not his fault. Ovechkin, no matter how much he tries to fit in, just won't get the kind of attention comparable to Crosby. Ask any puckbunny on her preference.

The jealousy for Crosby is real and very evident. This year, the NHL put into their schedule making that every team must play each other once - the Crosby rule. Making sure other NHL city's fans can be exposed to the Penguin greatness. I don't hear of any teams desperately wanting the Capitals to come to their town.

And just who did Ovechkin beat? For all the goal scoring he can accomplish, Ovechkin's Capitals haven't gotten out of the first round yet. When Crosby is sipping out of Lord Stanley's Cup soon, Ovechkin will look at the legacy of oafish goonism around him and cry in his Stolichnaya.

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