Sunday, March 01, 2009

FSN Pittsburgh Coverage Borderlines on Exploitation

Being able to match the successful Winter Classic, Western Pennsylvania hockey fans have been exposed to some of the high school teams developing more tallented hockey players hoping to follow in the Malone and Umberger skates.

But lately, FOX Sports Pittsburgh has been re-playing the news feature about a young goaltender from North Allegheny High School. They recently played in the North Park outdoor classic. But FSN-Pitt would have you believe that there is only one player on the team - goaltender Lindsay Holdcroft (pictured). Initially, I think it is great that she is getting some press attention being a young lady on a boys team, but FSN-Pitt has run this segment 3 different times without covering the other players or the other team.

It's a thin line, about as sharp as a skate blade, but I would have to raise the question as to when the coverage of Ms. Holdcroft becomes exploitative. When most people won't readilly admit it, Lindsay is a pretty girl. Her smile and demeanor translates well though the interviews. But what is FSN-Pitt thinking? The audience will stay glued to the TV? I don't hear about any of the other players playing in these games. I have only seen segments of the coaches and they only talked about Lindsay.

I wish Ms. Holdcroft nothing less than the best. I hope she moves on to bigger positions in USA Hockey. Maybe she can represent us all one day in the Olympics or cary over to a collegiate career. For now, the growing Pittsburgh hockey tallent pool will have to grow to see more women in the game.
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