Saturday, March 28, 2009

Columbus Catches Creep Crank Calling

Despite the shaping of the first successful season by conquering a conference leading rival, what should have been Columbus players leaving the Arena as heroes instead they left swiftly under the protection of local police escorts.
Players were escorted to their vehicles by police officers or security guards after the game, even though Stenzel already was in custody.

"Most fans are great fans," [Michael] Peca said. "But some people out there take it a little too far.
In a shocking story from Columbus, OH (proving more fodder for the PA-OH rivalry) a hockey fan was arrested behind the scenes of the recent BJ-Flames game for allegedly making terroristic threats called in from his home. But to distance him from the Blue Jacket fan community, this was also released from the local newspaper.
Stenzel, who is single and has no children, makes a living working on computers. He was born in Toronto and maintains dual citizenship in Canada and the United States, Tanaka said.
So, if he is found guilty, do we only deport him half way? Or send 50% of him back to Ontario?

[Via: The Columbus Dispatch]
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