Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Brodeur Sets Wins Record at 522*

Martin Brodeur has taken over the top spot for wins among NHL goaltenders. His 15 year career was just as long as it seems to have the net cut down.
"It's definitely harder than I thought," Brodeur quipped. "These basketball players, it's only a little net. This was a big net. I had help from a couple of my teammates."
Despite the win total, there are a few pundits who have started to murmur if this win total is as legitimate as it seems? Could hockey tolerate an "asterisk" in their record books?

Pundits of CJCL-AM in Toronto have pitched the theory that the new rule of shootout wins counting toward statistics of goalies. Brodeur has 27 shootout wins, something no other goalies beneath his new record have. But yet this disparity is also against shootout scorers who aren't credited with goals scored in shootouts.

Even though people suggest that Brodeur got this record early, it is also acknowledged that Brodeur would eventually get the undisputed wins total mark easily next year.
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