Sunday, March 08, 2009

"Mrs. Hockey" Dies

Always the model of the supportive spouse, Colleen Howe passed away last Friday due to a long illness. While the hockey world mourns, fans are encouraged to donate to a good cause found on the Detroit News Website.

The Howe Foundation is a long standing philanthropy to help people with physical ailments. From their Website:
Colleen J. Howe, President of Power Play International and Power Play Publications, Inc. has created the Howe Foundation. Colleen's great love for people and especially children gave her the vision to create a foundation that would generate money for children of all ages in need. Her mission is to improve the quality of life through developing programs for children in physical or psychological crisis. The Howe Foundation has continued to grow through the years raising thousands of dollars.
Another interesting thing about this story is finding out that "Mr. Hockey" is Catholic.

[Via: Detroit News & The Howe Foundation]
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