Thursday, March 12, 2009

Blackhawks Halt Ticket Pricing in Economic Uncertainty

I have to applaud the Blackhawks new outlook on life in the uncertain economic situations of our times. The Hawks announced that next years tickets will be the same price as this season's - even with the increased value with Toews, Versteeg, and Kane.

But how could this be?
"We want to be respectful of our fans and their allegiance to the organization with regard to the nature of today's economy," Blackhawks Team President John McDonough said. "We also want to remain consistent with our big picture approach as we attempt to improve all aspects of our franchise."
Gaining approval rating points with the new fan base is critical in a season where most of the former fans remember how much return on their monetary investment has purchased. A promise like this signals to the fans that the Chicago ownership understands that afford-ability keeps people going to games.

It's nice to see that the Blackhawks are now starting a waiting list for season tickets when in recent years, they couldn't draw flies.

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