Tuesday, March 17, 2009

NHL is Wearin' O' the Green

Many fans have seen the shop.nhl.com page that features NHL teams in the St. Patrick's day theme. You can get anything from T-shirts and practice green jerseys to collectors pucks and pint glasses.

I think it's a great way for fanatic and devoted fans to incorporate their favorite sport into their annual celebration. Though some critics and bloggers feel that the NHL have seemed to deviate themselves from it's current plan to make public relations more family friendly. It's common knowledge that St. Patrick's Day in most areas a 24 hour binge of alcoholic beverages. Is it also a mistake changing the traditional non-green teams to reflect the green of March 17th?

I like the way St. Patrick's day has been made into a minor holiday. If the people who want to the NHL to "stay dry", then is the next step to ban the sale of alcohol during all NHL games and official functions. So, pass me my Penguins St. Patty's pint and top it off with some green Canadian Pilzner.
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