Thursday, April 30, 2009

2009 NHL Playoff Preditions: Round 2

I am so embarrassed to say that I picked San Jose to get to the finals and got wrapped up in the "Could this be the year?" notion that the Sharks would finally break their underachieving curse. Don't worry. If my endorsements are still correct, then maybe there will always be next year. Look for Crosby vs Ovechkin coverage to be at nausea levels. Even during other series, look for the NHL to run commercials for the Pens vs Caps. I will be pushing for info with my "Washington Insider".

Western Conference

Detroit v. Anaheim

The Lucky Ducks were the beneficiaries of one of the unfortunately cursed teams in all of sports. Thanks to my bracket-busting friends in San Jose, the Ducks will now have to contend with the juggernaut Red Wings. Will the Wings get overconfident or rusty having eliminated their first round opponent so quickly?

Prediction: Red Wings in 6

Vancouver vs Chicago

Now the only Canadian franchise remaining, the pressure to bring the Cup back to Canada falls on the broad shoulders of Luongo and the Canucks. The confidence boost that the young BlackHawks have will provide for the expected longer series. I think the pressure will get to the 'Nucks and the BlackHawks will get another series and more confidence.

Prediction: BlackHawks in 7

Eastern Conference

Carolina v. Boston
Carolina's surprise win in the last minutes of Game 7 was the definition of upset! I always knew that Brodeur was sliding down the career slope, but not holding on to the lead was breaking his legacy building season. Boston is a tough, bruising, and quick striking team. Watch for Boston to continue more of the same.

Prediction: Boston in 5

Pittsburgh v. Washington
Well, NBC and the NHL got what they want and now have the marquee Ovechkin vs Crosby playoff series. The deciding factor is weather or not which team's role players and secondary stars perform better. The Penguins have not played Valarmov yet, so the Penguins will have to strike early and often.

Prediction: Pittsburgh in 6

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