Monday, May 11, 2009

Lightning Bets their Hopes on Tocchet

The second of three NHL interim coaches have signed a long term contract extension. Tampa Bay announces their era. The odds of Coach Tocchet finishing out the year with TB is currently 18 to 1.

Tampa has rewarded Tocchet with a 2 year deal, which I interpret Tampa is insisting that last year's season was a fluke despite the talent of the forwards and the slower than expected development of #1 overall Stamkos.
Owner Oren Koules wholeheartedly endorsed Tocchet.

"It's something we're proud to do and wanted to do," Koules said. "He's a character guy. He's absolutely our guy."
Tampa Bay's vocal in their support for Tocchet, but what value does that have when the reported ownership group is having major financial issues even borrowing from the previous owner's estate? Should the NHL find a more financially sound ownership group, would they be satisfied with the current coaching? I am betting the knowledge that Tocchet, despite turning things around, will not live out the terms of his contract.

[Via: TSN]
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