Sunday, May 17, 2009

2009 NHL Playoff Predictions: Round 3

Justice. That is what I would call the Penguins winning their series. I was disappointed when the Capitals resorted to Flyers bullying tactics, but really got angry when Ovechkin's reckless abandon caused another serious injury. With the Canucks loss, we Americans now have to endure another summer season of Canadians whining why the Stanley Cup has not been won AGAIN. But half of the final four teams are from Original Six. Could that keep the hockey snobs occupied for a while?

Western Conference

Detroit v. Chicago
The Blackhawks have played up to the task of irresistible force. Now they face the juggernaut immovable object in the Red Wings. These two teams have met before in this year's winter classic. Look for the Hawks to make a series of it, but could the young stars hold up to all the aging veteran experience of the Wings? Osgood was not Osgood in a few playoff games. Could one of those breakdowns happen in a critical game? Stanley Cup rematch of 1992 or 2008?

Prediction: Red Wings in 6

Eastern Conference

Carolina v. Pittsburgh
Carolina has a lot of Pittsburgh influences on their team. John Rutherford, Ron Francis and Tom Barrasso will certainly be lauded. The story here will be which coach can directly effect their team. Both Maurice and Blysma have taken over in the middle of the season. Has this ever happen before? Look for Crosby and Malkin to kick it into another gear. Cam Ward has never lost a playoff series. Which Staal brother will advance?

Prediction: Penguins in 5
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