Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hockey Fanatic Awards 2009

The NHL Awards are tonight and based on previous years results they will most likely get things wrong AGAIN!. Here are my alternative to those honors and showing you my selections for the individual and team performance Awards this year. I even include some new categories.

Most Valuable Rookie: Steve Mason

Even with the controversy that a goaltender can be rookie of the year and have a goalie of the year award, you just can't ignore the way Mason gave attention to the Blue Jackets.

Most Valuable Player: Evgeni Malkin

Two years in a row, Malkin quietly played even better than last year and did it in front of two proud parents.

Most Valuable Coach: Dan Blysma

Taking a slumping team to the Cup finals is something of a wondrous feat. Surely, maybe 20 years later we will see him portrayed in the movies based on a story like his.

Most Valuable Defenseman: Zedeno Chara
He has single handily re-defined the defenseman position with his size and brutal playing style. Most defenseman now come 6ft 9in. tall at minimum. Chara has truly left his mark on the NHL history.

Most Valuable Goalie: Tim Thomas
He established himself as the #1 goaltender for a team that is returning to prominence in the Eastern Conference.

Most Valuable NHL Slovak player (AKA the Golbez Trophy): Miroslav Satan.

Although he got demoted to the AHL during the season, he was able to put his mark on the playoffs and finally get his name on the Stanley Cup. Which is more than what I could say for last year's award winner.

Most Valuable Teammate Tandem: The Sedin Twins.

These two are working hard for a big pay day this season for Free Agency. But the catch is that they have to be signed together.

Most Valuable General Manager: Larry Pleau

He is quietly putting together a great young team in St. Louis to return them to a real competitive team. Congratulations to them for making the playoffs this year.

Most Valuable Ice Girls: Tampa Bay Lightning Ice Girls

These great group of girls, the Tampa Bay Lightning Ice Girls, are smoking HOT. Just think of the "talent pool" that the team has to select from the Florida community.

Most Valuable Fanbase: Vancouver Canucks

These fans were hoping against hope that they were going to be the dark horse in the western conference to make the Stanley Cup finals, some called them delusional, but I would call them great fans for their team.

The Cabana Award (aka: "the spit in the face of people who don't want to be cool" award): Marian Hossa

This just doesn't want to be cool. Cool like Carlito. First he snubs the Penguins claiming that Detroit was the best to win the Cup, but then failed to do so with the Wings against his former team. Certainly Hossa portrayed himself this season as someone you would most likely want to spit an apple into their face.
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