Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Luxury Boxes Sold Out in Consol Energy Center

More proof that the Pittsburgh Penguins are proving their worth within the community, the announcement that the Luxury boxes have been sold out is a great sign that all the people with lots of money to spend is embracing the changes and investments the city and team has made.

From what I understand after listening to "hockey experts," while there is no major TV contract, the National Hockey League has to concentrate on keeping their arenas full and ticket prices steady.
With prices at between $100,000 and $150,000 a piece, the sales will go a long way to sustaining a championship-caliber hockey team in Pittsburgh.
And as long as the NHL continues to bump up the salary cap, the Penguins look more and more realistic to keeping the major young star talent. Recent history of the Penguins franchise has provided it's fans with the skepticism that players grow out of their uniform and sell out to the highest bidder.
Luxury boxes were at the center of the team's quest for a new arena, warning that without them, the team could not survive in Pittsburgh.
That line may be a little sensationalist, but nonetheless truthful. Corporations who can see the value of the team on the ice first hand will no doubt want to put their advertising mark on the club as well as stimulate business amongst themselves entertaining other clients in their private boxes.

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