Friday, August 07, 2009

Sid Crosby Goes Home for Birthday

What do you get the hockey guy that turns 22 and just has everything he could ever want? Sid Crosby got his childhood dream of sharing the Stanley Cup trophy earlier this spring, so what else could be better?
"He wants to share it with the young and people of all ages and make it a community event," said Paul Mason, who coached Crosby as a youth. "We're thrilled about that. The hockey community is very proud of him."
As the tradition of having the cup for a day, many players choose to bring it back to their countries of origin. Sid was no different in bringing the Cole Harbor town some big time thrills as well as re-connecting with the community.
Fans will have the opportunity to pose with the Stanley Cup, ask Crosby questions and visit a Hall of Fame dedicated to "Sid the Kid," where they can view photos, trophies, hockey sweaters and sticks from his career.
Already on top of the world at age 22, Sid Crosby has all but conquered the world.

[Via: ESPN]

[edit: You can see pictures from Crosby's trip home on this blog site]
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