Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Crosby Boasts the Bling!

[Warning: All Crosby-haters look away now!]As the saying goes, "to the victor goes the spoils" so too go the rewards of winning an NHL championship. As the new NHL season is about to begin, the Pittsburgh Penguins have one last chance to revel in their Stanley Cup success today as they were all given their championship rings.

Bill Guerin, who has done this two times before already sounded like it was his first time all over again.
"The ring is the icing on the cake," he said. "It is hardware, but it's not hard to wear. Just like everything else with the Pittsburgh Penguins, it's first class."
And I agree with that statement about the classiness, but what about the gaudiness of the size. The ring in the picture looks like the ring is half the size of Crosby's fist.

I would also want to know what the players really do with these rings? Do they put it in some safety deposit box or will they have to hire armed guards around it 24/7? After the rounds that the Steelers championship team made with the local media, I am sure that the standard question Crosby and company will get first will be to ask to see the cup ring.
Crosby showed off the white and yellow gold band decorated with 167 diamonds, which was enough ice to replicate the surface at Mellon Arena.
With all those diamonds, the players could wear them during the game and reflect the light in such a way that the goalie or defender is stunned.

[Via: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]
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