Thursday, September 03, 2009

Maple Leafs Have No Sway With NHL Directives

Coming out of the Coyotes Bankrupcy circus today has the NHL explaining publicly that the Toronto Maple Leafs opinions do not sway the National Hockey League with a "veto power". Deputy Commish Bill Daly said so on 640 AM today during an interview with Dreger.
"It's the league's position that, no, they (the Leafs) don't have a veto power," Daly said, noting that NHL commissioner Gary Bettman has been very clear and consistent in this interpretation of league rules for some time.
This argument that the League has been protecting the southern Ontario market for quite some time on behalf of the Leafs has been the crux of the way Jim Balsillie has fought in hopes that he might get an anti-trust ruling in his favor.
Daly also pointed out that the commissioner has unassailable rights to interpret the league constitution as he sees fit.
Wow. so, basically Daly said here is that Bettman can do anything he wants. Wow.

I don't agree with that assessment, even if it is true. If the understanding that came out of the recent NHL lockout that the game is bigger than any one person, player, agent, or team, then how can this statement be made? Accountability at the highest levels is always necessary when any company is to remain successful.

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