Thursday, November 12, 2009

NHLPA Gets Help from Fehr

While the state of the National Hockey League is in disaray, retiring MLBPA union leader Donald Fehr has made himself available to the new commitee trying to find a suitable leader as well as revising the Union constitution.
"Hopefully, my experience at the MLBPA will be of help as the NHLPA members consider the reorganization of their union," Fehr said. "You have an organization of professional athletes who are in a period in which they can use some help, and if I can be of some assistance to them in the process, given the long experience I've had, I'd like to try and do it."
Fehr, according to the CBC article, boasts his long tenure in baseball's union. His track record with the MLB brought on large escalating salaries, something that the NHLPA was always concerned about during the recent 2004 lockout.
"I didn't represent professional athletes for 32 years because I thought that was not the thing I wanted to do," Fehr said. "Hopefully, I'll be able to give them some assistance which will make this task a little easier for them."
Since the NHLPA heads have since rolled on the chopping block quite frequently, Fehr would be a great model to measure any future candidate.

[Via: CBC]
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