Sunday, February 28, 2010

United States Fall Short of Olympic Gold

In what is sure to be talked about for very many years to come, the USA and Canada gold medal game went down to the wire. Unfortunately, the game could not end in a tie, the most diplomatic result, and they played one nail-biting OT.

Team USA was feeling confident that the All-World goalie Ryan Miller was once again standing tall in the first period keeping them at a 1-0 deficit. And by the second half of the first period, Edzo noticed that the more the Americans got the puck to the net, "Bobby Lou" Roberto Luongo was unsure of the rebound or where the puck went. Surely, the Americans would feel as they were still in this contest.

But the Americans' backs were to the wall when the second Canada goal slipped by tournament hero Ryan Miller.
"No one knew our names. People know our names now," said Chris Drury, one of two holdovers from the 2002 U.S. team that also lost to Canada in the gold-medal game.
The Herculean efforts continued to the third period where the U.S. team decided to make their final stand against a juggernaut Canada team that had 4 lines of scoring.
"Our team worked so unbelievably hard," Crosby said. "Today was really tough, especially when they got a goal late in regulation. But we came back and got it in overtime."
A few seconds later after the puck had crossed the goal line, I was okay with it. If the Canadians had to win, Crosby was 1 of 2 players I would be okay with getting that goal.

The rematch in Sochi, Russia countdown has begun.

[Via: NBC Olympics]
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