Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Pizza Hut and Pittsburgh Penguins Team-Up

Now that Pittsburgh Penguins merchandise is a real collectible, the thing to look for are the quality products and pass up on the cheaply made knock-offs and things that just have the Penguins name on it. Gosh, there is just a ton of things in stores with the Penguins or #87 on it around here in southwestern Pennsylvania.

But the fast food chain Pizza Hut has now teamed up with the Penguins to produce a real cool collection of glasses to be purchased as a set or individually per week. There are 6 glasses total and the first one is Sid Crosby - surely offered first in the wake of his Olympic success.

I am probably going to get a couple. Then sell them to people on eBay! ;) Since this is probably only a regional promotion, the transplanted Pittsburghers and other Penguins fans are probably going to want one too.

[Via: Pittsburgh Penguins Official Site]
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