Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ovechkin Gets Two Game Suspension

One of the dirtiest players in the modern NHL era has once again escaped justice with assessing a two game suspension. His latest victim of his irresponsible goonery, BlackHawks defenseman Brian Campbell, will most likely lose the rest of the season due to broken ribs and a broken shoulder.

People like me and the rest of the blogisphere have screamed to the heavens about how reckless Ovechkin plays. Perhaps it is his preformed cranium that makes him not know any better, but what are the excuses that his fans make for his behavior? It worries me that Ovechkin's fans continue to enable him collectively as the ostrich heads in the sand. I've seen Capitals fans who make "Free Alex" signs, who minimize the hit and somehow blame the victim, and some fans around the Internet have even shamefully endorsed Ovechkin's shove. What else bothers me is that now Ovie's coach is quoted with sticking up and invoked a name that doesn't belong in this incident.
"If this was Sidney Crosby doing this, everybody outside of Pittsburgh would have cried foul: 'Suspend him for the year,"' Boudreau said. "I don't think it does the game any good to have Alex suspended."
Perhaps Coach Budrueau has begun to drink the Grape Flavor-aide in the locker-room by irresponsibly suggesting that Ovechkin should get preferential treatment.

I didn't think I could dislike the Washington Capitals less than what I already did, but they found a way.

But don't worry, I don't think that Ovechkin has yet lowered himself to the sociopath levels of a Steve Downie, but pretty soon, Ovechkin's next victim may never be able to pick him or herself off the ice

[Via: Fox Sports]
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