Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Crosby's Puck in Hockey Hall of Fame

As a piece of history just as coveted as Crosby's uniform, the puck that crossed the goal line to win the gold medal in this past Olympics (forever known now as "the golden puck") will soon be on display for all hockey fans to visit in the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto.
I am happy to see that the puck is going to the Hockey Hall of Fame," Crosby said in a statement Tuesday. "I feel very lucky to have been part of that team and that game as well, and I am glad hockey fans will get the chance to share the moment by seeing things like the overtime winning puck up close."
I would like to see some statistics that breaks down fans making the trek to the Hall of Fame who came to see the Stanley Cup or the "golden puck". No word on weather or not Canadians must face east in worship of that little piece of vulcanized rubber.

[Via: CBC]
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