Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Versus and DirecTV Work Out Their Differences

Just in time for some critical hockey games, the NHL is wiping their collective brow as it was announced that Versus (Comcast's all-sports network) and satellite provider DirecTV have mended their fences. I don't know why all of the cable and satellite providers insist on coupling and packaging their services and make their customers pay extra.

And it is not like DirecTV had any sympathetic leverage with the hockey fans. The NHL has only one National television network that they put all of their eggs into. Sure, NBC shows games, but not to the extent that Vs. did. So, the hockey fans who have DirecTV couldn't go anywhere else to see nationally televised games.

It wasn't just NHL hockey that was getting most of the suffering, but other niche sports like professional bull riding (PBR) and cycling. Now, fans can get the important spring events - like the playoffs!

[Via: USA Today]
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