Sunday, April 11, 2010

Mike Modano Salutes Minnesota

As one of the last true hockey players of an already bygone era, Mike Modano was ceremoniously given the first star of the night and saluted the loyal Minnesota fans by wearing a North Stars throwback jersey circa 1989-90 after the last game of the season. It was quite fitting that the Minnesota-born Modano chose this moment as a possible last hurrah to finish out a career where it began.

However, the last laugh might be at the expense of the throwback jersey makers who created a "jersey foul" as explained by a blogger with the screen name "spyboy1" at the blog Third String Goalie: A Hockey Jersey of the Day Blog. Apparently, the number wasn't appropriately raised with the yellow shadowing.

I never liked that incarnation of the North Stars jersey despite the clever use of the "N" with a star. It seemed such a mess of clashing colors of green and black that hurt my eyes. There are jerseys prior to that season, before they implemented the "basic black" fashion trend, but the real legacy of a Minnesota Stars jersey should be the black with the gold "Stars" font just before they flew south to Dallas.
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