Tuesday, May 11, 2010

NHL Plans for Winnipeg team on Schedule

The Coyotes are practically one foot out the door now that the main two competing investors that were willing to keep the Phoenix Coyotes back in Arizona have been frustrated with every road block known to man. So, having an investor who is willing to buy the team and return them to Winnipeg as early as next season.
Schedule makers have built a model which sees Winnipeg in the Northwest Division alongside Vancouver, Calgary, Minnesota and Edmonton. The current fifth team, Colorado, would fill the Phoenix void in the Pacific Division.
I like the potential re-alignment that would correct a glaring geographical error. But I suspect that the divisions were set up so that more parity could be achieved and not all of the powerhouse teams would be in one division to themselves. This move would mean a real heartbreak to a set of fans who have loyally supported hockey in the desert. They successfully fought off "the Carpetbagger" now only to see that the Coyotes may return back to the city that they once called home. On one hand - this is only fair for them to go back to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and not elsewhere.

Of course, this news has really got a lot of Canadians psyched and the tinfoil toque wearing canuckleheads speculating in overdrive. I have tried and tried to talk sense into the thick headed and stubborn fans who think that hockey still isn't viable to the United States. The anecdotal visual evidence suggests that fans would support a winning franchise in warm climates. But that is an blog argument for another time.

I have often wondered just what would the Winnipeg Jets Rebook EDGE jerseys look like had they continue to stay there the whole time. Would it be similar to the Blue Jackets with red piping and blue arm sleeves.

This story is developing, so I am sure to follow this as the deadline approaches for the NHL to sell the team to a buyer who will either keep it in Phoenix or move it back to Winnipeg for the next 2010-2011 season.

[Via: Rogers Sportsnet]
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