Thursday, May 13, 2010

Female Hockey Fan Strikes Back at Chauvinistic Stereotypes

Fans like me have really started to enjoy the 24 hockey talk format of NHL radio on XM CH. #204 (or Sirius CH. #208), but since the hockey fandom and satellite media subscribers are as diverse as anything else these days, sometimes a little "boys club" mentality can appear during a broadcast.

"Hockey This Morning" (HTM) is the name to the program block that talks about the previous night's action recap as well as the features to the rest of the day's scheduled events. So, keeping current on the recent Mother's Day holiday, the HTM morning show gang decided it was appropriate to hold a "Hot Hockey Mom Contest"

But one faithful blogger and hockey mom hero decided to punch back and challenge the limitations implied on the contests name and ask what exactly the credentials were. The morning show broadcasters acknowledged the Blogger's retort on their Facebook page and wound up creating a new radio bit that provided some eye candy to all women as well.

You can listen to the audio yourself and debate things on the comments section below. The Confessions of a Hockey Fanatic blog would like to congratulate Rhonda for not only sticking it to the broadcast media but being a devoted Penguins blogger as well.

However, I just also wanted to point out that despite championing the regular looking hockey moms, I find it quite hypocritical for her to paste a long-legged hockey-hottie in the blog title.

[Via: A Girl's Hockey Obsession & XM Ch. 204]
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