Friday, May 14, 2010

Crosby Purchases Home in Pittsburgh

All of the jokes about Sid Crosby living with Mario can be put to rest now that it is reported that he purchased a home nearby in the same community.
Center and captain Sidney Crosby has bought a home in the Pittsburgh area after a few years of looking for the right place. He has not yet occupied it.
This is a good sign to Pittsburgh sports fans who are used to seeing their franchise players stay in the city - even after their career has ended. Crosby doesn't look to me like this will turn out to be his bachelor pad to create many exciting memorable parties.
Since he arrived in Pittsburgh as a rookie shortly after his 18th birthday for the start of 2005-06, Crosby, now 22, has lived during the season with the family of Mario Lemieux, the Penguins' Hall of Fame center and now co-owner. Crosby's new house is not far from the Lemieux home.
And I am sure the community that he is used to motoring around will be at a comfort level for him. He is in big demand and is a celebrity wherever he goes.

[Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]
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