Sunday, May 16, 2010

2010 NHL Playoff Predictions: Round 3

So, I was able to go 1-3 on my predictions last round. Never saw that one coming, but I didn't take into account that sometimes teams run into hot goaltenders and other teams just run out of gas. From a fan's perspective, here are 4 teams remaining that I have no rooting interest. The sound you hear now is the ratings plummeting.

Western Conference

San Jose v. Chicago

San Jose surprised me again with another series win when historically they bow out around this time. Perhaps all the courses' tee times were taken. Heatley and Thorton came through with at least a goal and assist when they were again getting criticized for being MIA in big games. Look for them to once again play a supporting role to red hot Joe Pavelski. The BlackHawks are still young and will probably be back here next season, but they have more experience and far wiser than the average fan might think. I would suggest that the BlackHawks coach, Joel Quenneville, will out-coach Sharks coach Todd McLellan. Will this be the year that Marian Hossa gets to lift the Stanley Cup? Many people have guessed wrong before.

Prediction: Sharks in 7

Eastern Conference

Montreal v. Philadelphia
In a series that features two bottom seeded teams, the Montreal Canadians are the last chance of having the Stanley Cup back in Canadian soil. The Canadians were the last Canadian team to win the Stanley Cup in 1992-93. Jaro Halak needs to stand on his head once again and hold the Flyers forwards without too many goals for them to have a chance at closing it out with ease. The Canadians need a break after two back-to-back series going 7 games. But the Flyers have had a 7 game series with the Bruins and are also tired. Look for Pronger to once again smash the small Montreal forwards along the boards while Carter, Gagne, and Richards speed skate their way to plenty of goals.

Prediction: Montreal in 6
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