Sunday, May 23, 2010

Windsor Spitfires Win Back-to-Back Memorial Cup Championships

Taylor Hall - Windsor
Once again, the Windsor Spitfires of the Ontario Hockey League (OHL) are this year's Memorial Cup championship. It served as a real eye-opener for those who expect Taylor Hall as a major prospect as well as the #1 overall pick in this upcoming June Entry Draft.

Windsor blew out the host city Brandon, Manitoba's Wheat Kings 9-3 on the first meeting and 9-1 on the second meeting to add their team name again on the Cup trophy. They also had to take on Calgary Hitmen of the WHL and the Moncton Wildcats of the QMJHL.

This Memorial Cup tournament is going to be the closest thing that North Americans will have to witnessing a true Champions league in hockey. Though I do like the idea of having a host city rotation, it would be fair to have a forth junior team be invited to challenge for the Memorial Cup. Granted it's a trophy awarded to one of the three major junior teams that make up the CHL, but what about the USHL that could possibly compete on the same level? Instead of the host city's team getting an automatic berth, why not have a 4th team to even things out.

I am not as familiar with the Windsor Spitfire organization as I should be. I don't know if they are ready to regain the Memorial Cup trophy yet again if Taylor Hall signs a pro conract. Is there more tallent on that roster than I might know about? Leave a comment or two on the sections provided.

[Via: Memorial Cup Official Site]
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