Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hockey Fanatic Awards 2010

The NHL Awards are tonight and based on previous years results they will most likely get things wrong AGAIN!. Here are my alternative to those honors and showing you my selections for the individual and team performance Awards this year. I also took into consideration the entire hockey season from October until June - which included Olympic tournament play.

I had to discontinue some awards because some authors have dropped their blogs and no longer publish any content.

Most Valuable Rookie: Matt Duchene

He is leading the way for the newest generation of Avalanche players. He could turn out to be the next franchise captain like Sakic did for so long.

Most Valuable Player: Sidney Crosby

He's proven again that he is a winner. He's proven that he makes his team better no matter what jersey he is in. Team Canada or Pittsburgh.

Most Valuable Coach: Dave Tippett

Coach Tippett was dismissed from the Dallas Stars prematurely and moved on to the Phoenix Coyotes organization and took them to the playoffs in one year despite their off-the-ice financial drama.

Most Valuable Defenseman: Drew Doughty

This defenseman was crucial to the improved competitiveness of a Los Angeles Kings who are starved for a competitive team. The point totals this season was also great.

Most Valuable Goalie: Ryan Miller

No doubt he was successful with a great team in front of him, Miller gained the respect of a lot of fans and demonstrated the level of success for the next generation of USA hockey prospects.

Most Valuable NHL Slovak player: Jaroslav Halak

His epic run in the playoffs became the media darling of the NHL post-season

Most Valuable Teammate Tandem: Jon Toews and Pat "20 Cent" Kane

They got the job done in the end and got to lift the cup over their heads.

Most Valuable General Manager: Greg Sherman

He was instrumental in turning around the Avalanche who were expected to finish near the very bottom of the league and wound up giving a pretty big scare to the Sharks in the playoffs.

Most Valuable Ice Girls: Columbus Blue Jackets - Pepsi Power Patrol

They just eked out an edge over some just as good competition from some of the other teams who employ young women to eagerly promote the franchise in an ambassador of goodwill sort of way.

Most Valuable Fanbase: Chicago BlackHawks Fans

They could have gone sour on the team when they headed for some rough times under the Wirtz era, but hung in and saw the team grow into a Stanley Cup winner.

Can-Am Award (presented in recognition to a blogger or fan who have contributed positively to Canadian and American fan relations): Adrian and Chris Nadeau of The Hockey
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