Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Stanley Cup costs 20 Cents In Chicago

So, after a near 50 year old drought, the Stanley Cup has come back to the Windy City. Blackhawks fans didn't get to see their home team lift up the cup on their own home ice, but it was the orange outraged and dissapointed fans forced to watch the end to the NHL season like that.

Game 6 was a battle of survival as both teams traded goals up until the very last 2 minutes. The Flyers, who became the epitome of their local folk hero Rocky Balboa and refused to go down for the count, made it to OT on a redirect goal by the often villainized Scott Hartnall. And Speaking of villains, I bet it was quite the underscored note that it was Hossa in the screen to watch the game tying goal. Oh, no, here we go again with the Hossa curse.

There was no long marathon of overtime in this game. It would have certainly made everything even more dramatic had the wait for the true sudden death, but it only needed an extra frame and a Sharp-angled shot (pun intended) to zip by a inexperienced journeyman Mike Leighton. I have already read around the internet that the shot by "20 cent" Pat Kane was similar to the goal that Crosby scored in the gold medal Olympic game. Does this mean that we will see pros and young players practicing that shot in the low wing area?

The NBC broadcast also let air a emotional stirring and controversial scene when both Dan Patrick and Mike Milbury consoled a weeping Jeremy Roenick who explained that he was glad for the Hawks, but also sad that he will never get to feel their joy. It must have been surreal for Roenick to watch it all unfold as he worked for both teams.

[Via: Rogers Sportsnet]
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