Sunday, June 06, 2010

Blue Jackets Release 10th Season Logo

As I scour over some of the new hockey blogs that are popping up everywhere now that blogging has become more popular than ever before - The Blue Jackets have a blog that does a pretty good job covering the development of an NHL hockey franchise. So, here is an honest first impression as I give my own interpretation and criticism like the old blog "Sports Logo Pundit" did years ago.

The Dark Blue Jacket (link found in the blogroll list) helped circulate what is expected to be the 10th anniversary patch of the Columbus Blue Jackets to be worn on the Rebook EDGE jerseys for the 2010-11 NHL season.

I am a big fan of commemorative logos as I study them on my own for graphic arts perspectives. I like this one a lot despite it not employing Roman Numerals - a usual standard when sports entities make commemorative logos. This logo seems to capture both the "10" aspect of the anniversary plus work in the team's logo with the community identity of the Ohio state flag.

[Via: The Dark Blue Jacket]
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