Monday, June 14, 2010

Toronto Maple Leafs Unveil New Look Uniforms

In the slow news time between the end of the season to July 1st, there aren't that many breaking news flashes that frenzy up the media and blogs.

But the Toronto Maple Leafs have recently held a press conference to first show off the new look jersey - that really isn't a new look at all. Other than the drawstrings on the collar, it is exactly like the ones they wore 8 years ago. The dual leaf secondary logo on the shoulders is disappointing to me because I have always liked the TML motif that was on the 2007 jersey. Having a leaf on the team crest and shoulders seems almost redundant. I do like the addition of the drawstring as I have one of those on an OHL jersey in my collection. But doesn't it look a tad bit too close to the Rangers style?

But from the official team press release I have now gotten a good look to see that nothing really changed on the already iconic sweater that is the Toronto Maple Leafs. As many fans from the GTO have already expressed, the removal of the horizontal stripes on the jersey were quite controversial.
“Our fans have been quite vocal since 2007. They have wanted the stripes and shoulder patch back on the sweater,” said Tom Anselmi, executive vice-president and chief operating officer for Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment. “We listened to them, and we hope they are as excited about the new, classic look as we are.”
Shocking that they actually listened to the fans regarding this issue. Have they addressed the sinking value of competitiveness in comparison to ticket prices? They are working on that.
The Maple Leafs will debut the uniform beginning with the first preseason game September 21 in Toronto against the Ottawa Senators. The team’s nostalgic white ‘Third Sweater’ that debuted in 1998-99 will stay the same in 2010-11.
And it will also be the debut of the newest captain of the Leafs in newly acquired Dion Phaneuf. It is semi-controversial in nature after the reports are now being mentioned that team management had made the decision to dub Phaneuf as captain when tradition and hockey culture suggests that the players are polled and coaches are convened. There were a lot of rumors going around in Calgary that claimed Phaneuf was a difficult person in the locker room. Time would only tell on just how much mark Dion will make on the legacy of the Leafs team in the upcoming season.

[Via: Toronto Maple Leafs Official Page]
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