Thursday, July 22, 2010

USA Hockey Releases USA Hockey Hall of Fame Honorees

The USA Hockey Hall of Fame in Minnesota have announced their latest inductees. Art Berglund, Derian Hatcher, Kevin Hatcher, Dr. V. George Nagobads and Jeremy Roenick.

I have often commented to my other hockey friends that it was making me feel old to start to see some of the players that I grew up watching retire and then get their place in the hall of fame. Such is the case here with the Hatcher brothers and Roenick.

I remember Kevin when he worked the blue line for a short time in Pittsburgh. He was a good stopgap in a time when the Pens were looking like they were going to slide back down the power rankings when their dominating hockey dynasty was closing. Derian also was a mainstay in for the Stars, Wings, and Flyers. As much as Canada have had many famous families making a legacy on the game, the Hatchers have been a benchmark for a lot of other developing hockey talent in the USA. This is just my opinion, but they also may have set the benchmark for size.

Jeremy Roenick was also a great player for many years who was not only great for the game, but made the call for the USA Hockey organization each time. He was a young star in the Chicago during their quick appearance in the Stanley Cup finals and never got back. He is remembered lately for crying during in the broadcast booth when the Blackhawks won the Cup.

[Via: USA Hockey Official Page]
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