Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Winter Classic 2011 Unveils Logo + Press Publicity

The Winter Classic is going to get really big next year as I expect it to be hyped from now until the event itself. But while things are quiet on the western front, the NHL along with the cooperating franchises, held a joint press conference to announce the event.

The first thing that I wanted to see coming from this presser was the new updated logo for the event. After the first one, the host city got it's own unique style worked into the event. So, the logo (seen at left), is similar to some other downtown Pittsburgh events and reflects the unique city skyline along with the many bridges that it takes to get anywhere and everywhere. It also uses the sharp points that can be found on the Pittsburgh flag's coat of arms. A really sharp piece of artwork that I am sure will pop up on a t-shirt in every sports equipment store in the area.There were a variety of photo opportunities that the Penguins as well as Gary Bettman behind a microphone podium reused from the recent NHL Draft in Los Angeles.

There is also a video being circulated around with Mario and Crosby taking slapshots at the football goalposts over at the Pittsburgh Penguins TV website.

I can't wait to be there for the event!
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