Sunday, October 24, 2010

Adam Burrish Apologizes to a Fan for NHL 11 Gameplay

In what should be seen as a true sense of sportsmanship and humor, winger Adam Burrish recorded an apology to a video game playing fan who was thwarted on a 2-0 breakout by the in-game Burrish. So, as the story goes as reported by Yahoo! Sports hockey bloggers, the fan who was playing NHL 11 sent an angry letter demanding an apology to the real Dallas Stars and the real Adam Burrish. Here is the video from NHL Video.

You got to love a guy who has that kind of time and a sense of humor to acknowledge the ridiculous email from the fan. My only concern is that this sets a precedent to hockey players who may get similar requests from gamblers and other disappointed people. But either way, you just got to laugh along with Burrish at the response.

[Via: Yahoo! Sports]
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