Friday, October 29, 2010

Pittsburgh Penguins Unveil Winter Classic Jersey Sweater

The Pittsburgh Penguins have released their uniforms at practice this morning. Popular young stars Evgeni "Geno" Malkin and Jordan Staal wore them for the press and for the select fans. And then the thundering sound was heard as every hockey fan rushed to their computers and other network sharing electronic devices.

Looking at them, from a critic's point of view, I am truly disappointed that the Penguins once again chose to ignore the very look that is associated with a winning legacy in the city. The 1990-91 jersey would have looked just as great - if not better - than the jersey design they chose to go with now.

The blue color is a change to the usual black and gold color scheme that the city defines it's identity from and expects to see from it's sports teams. The blue color is a show of some originality and perhaps a stand-out from the rest of the league's teams. The only black and gold is found in the ancient logo that makes up the team crest. It's an intentional throwback to when the team was first formed, which is essentially the purpose of the Winter Classic - to take the teams and the game back to the beginning origins of where it came.

I don't know if the Pittsburgh Penguins are planning to phase out the powder blue uniforms that were transitioned to 3rd jersey status since the initial Winter Classic. It would seem likely once the NHL and Penguins management get a look at the sales figures.

On January 1, 2010, the NHL will host another outdoor game in Pittsburgh, PA with the bitter rivals Pittsburgh Penguins and Washington Capitals and can be seen on NBC.
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