Friday, November 26, 2010

Alternate Hockey Jersey for the Holiday Wish List

A couple more jersey sweaters have been released to the public in hopes that the hockey world will turn it into retail gold. Basically, that is all the third jersey, or alternate jersey as it is sometimes called, really is to the professional sports leagues these days. The minor hockey teams apply this more often, but the lure of the popularity of it makes a strong case for every team do design one.

First up, is the new jersey for the holiday season in Wilkes-Barre/Scranton. This team always look good around the holidays in March as the Red-Black-Gold is replaced by the Irish luck. Christmas time, also brings out the sports and holiday cross-themed merchandise and the Penguins also played with the Red-Green traditional colors. But this year, knowing that the powder blue is oh so hot right now, the Penguins instead made a more subtle winter jersey and went with an all-inclusive snowflake design. One internet commenter suggested that the snowflake had resembled a Star of David. It's a clever look! I am sure that the WBS Penguins are going to auction off the game used jerseys to insure the top dollar price for them. Collectors are sure to put this on the high demand list for it's historical value.

The second sweater to be released to the public is controversial in it's very existence. Where is the 10 Year Patch that the Blue Jackets have this year? Is it on the shoulders? Initial knee-jerk reactions to this one is how that the young lifespan of the Columbus Blue Jackets should produce a throwback style. As the team and city are really proud of it's Civil War heritage, the team derives it's very name from the coats that the Union army wore. I like the colors of the jersey and the silver gray to the stripes aren't often seen in uniforms unless it's a black jersey. Again, the choice to go with a light blue stripe is also a nod to the light blue fad. Now to the crest, I am not that impressed with it. It lacks color, but is really detailed in it's design. It resembles the other circular alternate logo with the Union cap, but not on the same stand-out way. The collar is also a different design - inspired by the union uniforms. The draw strings on the jersey tie it in to the old time hockey fad. It's something that I have acclimated myself to now that I own a jersey with it on. I probably wouldn't buy this since it's the dreaded Reebok EDGE cut, but if Santa were to leave it under the tree, I would wear it.
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