Saturday, January 01, 2011

New Year 2011 Resolutions

It is that time once again that we traditionally shrug off the previous 12 months and put on new hope and change for the new year.

I've made some tremendous strides during my time here in the blogisphere, but the real job is still not finished. I've seen some time on the big stage with many thanks to FAN 590 in Toronto and have gotten to make some great connections with NHL Home Ice.

2010 proved to be a very challenging year for me both on and off of the ice and through cyberspace. I hope that you all can continue to read my work and enjoy it as much as I enjoy bringing it to you with a vigilant watchful eye.

    What I Learned in 2010
  • The NHL is taking to the future like a duck to water. Getting involved with the cutting edge technology the most compared to the other three major North American sports leagues.
  • The greatest strength of the NHL and the game of hockey is also the weakest link. The more hockey opens itself up to social networking, the more access it gives to haters and trolls.
  • Do not be fooled by what rosters look like on paper. The NHL has created a parity that great teams can be upset at any given moment.
  • Throwback sweaters and history to the game is a good thing, but when too much focus blinds us, we can be unprepared for new challenges that still lay ahead.
  • Most everyone are concerned with hits to the head and player safety. The debate in the media and with fans believe this is the battleground on which more new hockey fans can be won. Contrarily, the argument to instill more respect among players for each other can be better achieved than to legislate toughness out of the game.
  • CONSOL Energy Center is a beautiful new place for a hockey game.
  • Fans can appreciate a great goalie save just as much as a great skillful goal score. Defense wins championships and those who stubbornly refuse to acknowledge it's truthfulness will continue to be miserable.

    Resolutions for 2011
  1. The resolutions made for 2010 are still resolvable.
  2. The return of more of the regular features as well as building up of a new regular blog series.
  3. I reaffirm my commitment to building a hockey weblog that provides cutting edge content as well as feature unique blog ideas.
  4. I resolve to become even more provocative in my blog entries as to encourage more comments and much desired feedback.
  5. Advance my career in broadcast journalism by continuing to make great media connections and continue trying to crack the starting line-up of a major media company again.
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