Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Tim Horton's Releases TML themed pastry confections.

Everyone knows that the most famous fast food chain in Canada is Tim Horton's, who's named after a famous hockey player. Today, the food chain makes another connection to it's humble roots by making a doughnut in honor of the team that once played for them.
As of Monday, fans can satisfy their cravings for fat and sugar with a doughnut covered in blue-and-white sprinkles at Tim Hortons’ 320 Toronto-area locations whenever the Leafs play a home game.
So, I guess I can't get one here! It would be a pretty expensive trip just for a doughnut.

There is nothing really special with this doughnut other than it has the corresponding colors of the team. Not even a little toothpick flag saying "Go Leafs Go" or something. But I'm sure it's still really delicious.

However, I have seen the stores in Erie, PA have tribute doughnuts to the surrounding High Schools. Toronto Star
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