Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ginger Classic is Fun With A Cause

What started out as a joke and a cleverly designed logo has turned into a very successful grass roots campaign to have a very special hockey event that mimics the bigger hockey league promotions. The Ginger Classic, an outdoor roller hockey competition based in Ashland, VA.

I was following along for a while now about the event from a fellow Penguins fan on his blog and I was hoping that the weather that I was getting in my region wasn't the same as theirs. As I read further on through the day on their Facebook page, The Ginger Classic took on a whole serious mission along with enjoying all the recreational fun.

The Ginger Classic collected money for the Richmond Hockey Fights Cancer and the person who donates the most money will receive a gift prize of a brand new bag courtesy of Gearmax USA, Ltd. Pretty sweet!

Capturing the whole spirit of the event is Robert Ullman of the blog Atom Bomb Bikini. (NSFW) As the graphic designer of the Ginger Classic logo, he properly pasted it on himself at the event donning his classic Quebec Nordiques jersey. And that, I think was what the Classic game was all about. Having fun and re-creating the special feeling a title game can bring.

I may want to be in attendance next year. You can check out all the photos from this year's event as well as the Richmond Hockey Fights Cancer website at the links found at the bottom of this blog.

[Via: The Ginger Classic Facebook Page & Richmond Hockey Fights Cancer]

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