Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hockey Day in America 2011: A New Space for Advertising Revenue

Quite often on this blog, I will just chose to write something I am more comfortable talking about - graphic arts. When a new logo is revealed, I look at it with a critical eye as well as learn from it's approach. So, this time around, I'll take a look at the newest logo to circulate the web. I realize that this weekend is still a work in progress, but I would still have to call it a success for the enthusiasm that it sent through the existing fan base. The long-term results of this weekend will certainly be labeled TBD.
Hockey Day in America is certainly one that is born of an idea to sell more sponsorships and collect the revenues. I am disappointed in this logo because instead of featuring the subject - the actual reason of the event - people are soon exposed to both familiar brands of McDonald's, NBC Universal, and NHL. If they wanted to run more advertising, they should just flash up the famous golden arches during their broadcast. Something else wrong with this logo is that it doesn't use the American patriotism that pop culture accepts. Why not use the Stars and Stripes of the American flag to get a more American value?

I compared this logo to the HNIC and Hockey Day in Canada that the CBC used earlier last week and that is so much more direct.  Even with Scotiabank as the main sponsor, all it has is the name across the top and the words of the event capture your eyes attention first.

What I do like about this logo is that the hockey puck swoops around the country. I guess the designer is trying to say that hockey encompasses us all and includes everybody. I do like the way that NBC has been building momentum for the NHL while creating themselves a reliable national broadcast.

If USA Hockey and the others invested in the success for this event to happen every year, they should take notes on how our Canadian friends to the north make it an enjoyable long-lasting tradition.
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