Friday, February 18, 2011

Hockey Week Across America 2011

As a result of exposing myself to many new things while being prominent on the internet as well as listening intently to satellite radio on NHL Home Ice, I have been envious of the country-wide celebration that is Hockey Day in Canada. The CBC and others have made it feel like it was a national holiday - just to celebrate the culture and the game I love so dearly.

What became of this celebration was the strongest effort by USA Hockey to try promoting hockey throughout the States. I noticed they did this last year, but coming off of a successful Winter Classic and experiencing a reported meteoric rise in regional TV ratings, turning to a weekend long event in the States is a great encouraging sign that the game is on it's way back.

It should also be noted that this year, the event has a sponsorship whereas last year's attempt didn't. Rebook may be the biggest winner here as they continue to stamp their brand on everything. Could they just about muscle out NIKE in the hockey sporting goods dept.?

If you want to join in with all of the celebration, you can check out USA Hockey's website for the schedule of events. You may also want to check their nationwide pinned locations of which rinks are hosting free events. Their goal is to expose as many people as they can as well as teach them something about the game that they didn't know before.
  1. Wear Your Jersey Day - 2/18
  2. Bring a friend to the rink Day - 2/19
  3. Celebrate Local Heroes Day - 2/20
So, I'll be sure to do the best I can to follow in line with the celebration weekend.

[Via: USA Today]
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