Sunday, May 22, 2011

Thrashers Fans Hurt, Upset and Lash Out

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It was the inevitable pep rally that eventually turns to pointing fingers at who should be assigned blame to the perceived failure of the Atlanta Thrashers - the second NHL franchise in the city.

The rational hockey fan can hopefully see beyond the hyperbole and rhetoric that claims the Thrashers has no fans (or if they do you can count them on 1 hand). But the reasonable, non-"Canucklehead", fans can and should evoke sympathy to those Thrashers fans who did adopt hockey in the American south. It's a fact that Atlanta DID have fans, bought their franchise's merchandise, worn their replica jersey and sought out

But among the lost hope and confusion during the time of rumors and more bigoted anti-southern rhetoric, the finger pointing has already begun and blame assigned for the apparent failure of keeping the team in Atlanta in the 11th hour. Here is the rundown of who Thrashers fans blame for their loss.
  • Gary Bettman's non-support after focusing all attention to Phoenix, AZ.
  • Previous team owners, Atlanta Spirit, who's infighting and public court battles may have wrecked the team's direction.
  • Loss of franchise star Ilya Kovalchuk.

It may take a while for healing to begin, but as the hockey fans in Atlanta realize, they've just lost a second franchise to Canada.

[Via: Rogers Sportsnet]
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