Tuesday, May 24, 2011

NHL 12 Promises to Be Best Yet

Everybody knows I love the NHL game series created by EA Sports. So, the latest preview release of the latest innovative feature technologies that will comprise the makeup of NHL 12 will surely provide hours of fun and infuse it with enough attention grabbing effects to allow fans to open up their wallets and pay the exorbitant $59.99 price.

The top improvement that stands out in my mind is the ability to play in the Winter Classic. But it's not just a random and generic Winter Classic, it's one that is hosted by Pittsburgh at Heinz Field, and seems to share the same virtual design from their football division.

Check out the video here and let me know what you think in the comments below.
Look at exactly what is also selling the game. BIG HITS! The kind of hits that the NHL execs are trying to legislate out of the game. This should stick in the mud of everybody who wants a "kinder" and "safer" league. Of course, these players in the game aren't real and nobody actually gets hurt, but EA Sports work dedicatedly to make the game look and feel as real as possible. They're selling a sports game engine that magnifies the violence of the sport to new levels. Even worked on the goalies fighting.

I will wait to see what NHL 2K12 has in store next year as well.
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