Sunday, June 12, 2011

Winnipeg Franchise Will Honor Snyder's Retired Number

Even though the team may change cities, the proof that true hockey people are more classy than compared to the other major professional sports, the Thrashers number 37 will continue to be retired in Winnipeg.

Classy and impressive. It's a PR move that is certain to smooth over some bitterness of knowing that a fan base in Georgia did just lose their team.

As you may recall, Dan Snyder was a promising young player for the Atlanta Thrashers until an off-season high speed car accident witch then prompted the team to honor the late teammate by retiring his jersey number while prominently positioning the number in the rink boards.

No word thus far as to weather or not the former Winnipeg Jets retired numbers (who are honored in Phoenix) will continue to be honored with this new team.

Winnipeg Free Press
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