Monday, May 30, 2011

2011 Stanley Cup Playoffs: Final Round

So, it comes to this... the team that won the Presidents' Trophy, the Vancouver Canucks versus the stigmatic Boston Bruins who were able to figure out a balanced roster with the trades at the deadline.

Vancouver v. Boston

Boston is going to sit-back on this one and play defense around the stunning and attention grabbing style of goalie Tim Thomas. He has the ablitiy to steal a game or two. Look for the Canucks to counter with their own goalie, Roberto Luongo. But at least Tim Thomas doesn't have a threat to be pulled in favor of a back-up like Luongo does. Young Cory Schneider has put himself on the pundits radar by filling in for a weakened and exposed Luongo. I think Boston is overall the better balanced team having acquired a solid centermen corps, talented wingers, tough tree-like defensemen, and a goalie that hustles everywhere!

But, of course, the threat of the President's Trophy curse still looms over it's current recipient.

Prediction: Vancouver in 6
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