Friday, July 22, 2011

Winnepeg Jets Logo Revealed

The new logo for the Jets was released today in anticipation for the 2011 NHL season. So far, it's been the latest talk of the hockey town in a time of the summer that the news, speculation, and trade rumors hit a slide into silence.

Below is the new design released by the True North Sports owners group as they near the new season. It looks like a real far off distancing from the previous logos of the Winnipeg Jets franchise. Even the silver in the secondary logo and script doesn't look anything like the original WHA/NHL team's predecessor. I was mostly expecting this to happen when most people who attended Jets rallies wore the throwback jerseys. This way, True North thinks people will want to start buying new jerseys in the Manitoba province.
Courtesy: True North Sports & Entertainment
As for the logo itself, I think it's a sharp militaristic design with heavy influences to both the US and Canadian air forces.They were smart to go with as much Maple Leaf presence in the logo as they could, that way it can possibly favor those Canadians outside the Winnipeg area. It's got a lot of patriotism in it's design.

On the negative side of things, it doesn't quite look like the old Jets logo at all. If you were really going to cater to the hockey fans within the Province, then tying it into the previous franchise was supposed to be a given. The first knee jerk reaction to the main logo in the circle was that it bears some resemblance to the Maple Leafs Square logo with the sharp pointed angles of the leaves.

Over all, I'd say that it will have to be seen on an actual uniform and get into action before I would warm up to it. It will be on an Rebook Edge jersey so, I won't buy it. But I am hearing whispers of rumors that the they may have a third jersey next year that looks like the Jets old logo.

[Via: Rogers Sportsnet and TSN]
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