Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Weber Worth Every Penny

As if any polarizing fiscal dispute could be settled in a brief (You hear that Washington D.C. politicians?) arbitrated hearing, then there would be more stuff getting done. Shea Weber, who many consider to be one of the premier defensemen in the NHL, is looking for a big payday. And now the arbitrator has suggested that he at least get paid like one of the top players in the league.

Shea Weber not only broke the bank, but also broke the NHL record for the highest arbitration awarded salary since John LeClair. Weber, recently named team captain when Arnott was traded to the Devils, almost got all of his asking price and an 1-year-deal to prove he earns it.

Weber's already got the franchise record for most goals by a defenceman in a season with 23.
Pretty good for a gritty defensive team.

7.5 million dollars is sure to be the starting point come July 1st restricted free-agency unless a deal could be reached. Will the Predators decide to build around the young face of the franchise? They've fought valiantly for the playoffs in the past few years and can scrap together with the best of them. But will this high price hinder the Predators acquiring the next couple of veteran players to move into the next round?

I am not sure if 7.5 million dollars is enough to make me put on the new Nashville jerseys.

[Via: USA Today]

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