Thursday, August 18, 2011

EA Sports NHL 12 to Feature Legendary Ex-Players

In the latest promotional video for Electronic Art's sports division, they've gone again and made the perfect hockey video game.

As if the only new additions to the NHL franchise from EA Sports is going to have the Winter Classic, but EA Sports again ramps up it's value by adding retired NHL legends as playable characters.

9 former NHL players are going to be included into the game and they are all Hall of Famers in their respective careers. Lemieux, Gretzky and Yzerman are just some of the players that are all featured in the game. Check out the link and watch the promo videos because importing the video image to this blog was proving to be very difficult.

What would it look like for a some of these players to pass the torch to the future NHL stars of today? I guess we could find out. How great would it have been if Lemieux was able to suit up and play for the Penguins one more time in the Winter Classic. What if he played for the Leafs? The above video explores the many possibilities for what legendary careers could've become.

I love this idea and hope that they plan on expanding the game to include more players like Pat LaFontaine of the NY franchises that would be a great DLC addition to the legends roster.

What do you think?

[Via: EA Sports NHL]
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