Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tragedy Claims Life Of Second NHL Player

With the demise of Derek Boogard still fresh in the memories of all hockey fans and players, we've learned of another passing to a current roster NHL player.

Rick Rypien, an NHL player expected to appear on the new Winnipeg Jets during the 2011-12 season, was found deceased in his apartment late Monday night. According to the article, Police say that the evidence thus collected has suggested that it's a non-suspicious death.

I've read all over as these are the times that truly drops the division between hockey fans. Twitter was the point that everyone sorrowfully expressed the sad news and mournful messages about Rypien. According to the article, I see that there were also a bunch of players that have also expressed on twitter their shock and sadness.

Rypien was a good player for the Canucks and Moose with just about equal games 119 and 116 in their respective leagues. I remember him as a 3rd liner who bounced up and down from the minors. But the most memorable thing that I can say from his career was the suspension he served from shoving a NHL linesman in Minnesota. Could his actions then be more understood, in retrospect?

In the wake of this tragedy, I would hope that the NHL comes to some agreement to start making PSAs about depression and helping those seek out alternatives to suicide. The NHL has been a true leader in the fight against cancer as well as plenty other causes. Should we see this mental illness get addressed by the Leagues' PSAs?

My good thoughts and prayers go towards the Rypien family.

[Via: New York Daily News]

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